2021 Ford Raptor Coil Adjustment Spacer
2021 Ford Raptor Coil Adjustment Spacer

2021 Ford Raptor Coil Adjustment Spacer

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  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Increase Spring Pre-Load For Better Bottoming Control
  • 1.5" Front End Lift 
  • Fail Proof Design With No Chance Of Bolt Failure.  
  • Made In The USA
  • Price Is For The Pair


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 In 2017 we took an entirely different route from the rest of the pack when in came to our Coil-Adjustment-System.  We went for Security and infinite adjustability.  Over the course of those four years, we listened to your customer base and have simplified our design without sacrificing safety and longevity.  SVCOFFROADS new 2021 GEN 3 Ford Raptor Coil- Adjustment-Spacer is designed to fit securely over the factory spring retainers as designed by Fox, thus making for a fail proof system that is far easier to install and offers the end user the highest level of off-road performance.  

Off-road suspension that sees very hard loads, so don't take chances with parts that have a fail point built into the design for the ease of installation.  Go with the brand that gets the most abuse by some of the rowdiest customers Raptor Nation has come to know...