Kyles SVCOFFROAD 4 Link Build In Utah

This blog post is a really important one for us as a company.  We have begun the process of moving SVCOFFROAD to St George in Southern Utah.  Yesterday we were able to take full advantage of our new environment and fine tune Kyles new 4-link / Long travel Ford Raptor.  With SVC's new proximity to amazing terrain, we are able to take our custom builds directly out the back door and into the desert to suspension tune and properly shake down each Raptor we finish,  Before when SVCOFFROAD built a full custom Ford Raptor or Bronco, we weren't always able to make the 3 hour drive to the Socal desert to properly shake them down.  Now, we can build your truck, take it out, test it, tune it and delivery a 100% perfectly working build.  This was one of the main reason SVC chose to pic up and relocate to St George, Utah.  We look forward to being able to service you better in every way.  


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