Clark Jumping His Gen 2 Ford Raptor

A few weeks ago some of our customers got together in Johnson Valley, CA to jump, drift and basically mob their SVCOFFROAD build Gen 2 Ford Raptors.  This group pushed their SVCOFFROAD parts as hard as could be expected.  These Gen 2 Raptors were equipped with the latest upgraded SVCOFFROAD mid-travel  aftermarket suspension systems, Baja Bumpers, Bypass Racks with the latest and greatest from Fox Racing Shox Live Valve to Kings 3.0 IBP setup.  

Sometimes the Raptor groups we bring out to do media with take on personalities, and if we had to put a label on this group, I would be that of a wild group that had no issue sending their Raptors as high and fast as possible to get the shot.  The SVCOFFROAD products held up perfect as expected, took the abuse and kept asking for more.  So, if you're in the market to make your 2010-2014 Gen1 or 2017-2020 Gen2 Ford Raptor look the part, drive the part or simply be a personal extension of you, call SVCOFFROAD today and we will guide your hand in the right direction.  

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