2021+ Raptor Upper Control Arms
2021+ Raptor Upper Control Arms
2021+ Raptor Upper Control Arms
2021+ Raptor Upper Control Arms
2021+ Raptor Upper Control Arms

2021+ Raptor Upper Control Arms

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For years SVC Offroad has been building high performance suspension for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Ford Raptors. As time has gone on, many of our products have evolved into bigger, better, sexier and more functional. Brand new to our lineup in aftermarket suspension game is our full Billet Upper Control Arms For the Gen 3 Ford Raptor.

These new Gen 3 Raptor Upper Control Arms have many unique features that make them stand out from the competition.  First and foremost, they have a contour milled into them vs. being a flat arm which puts the outer bearing at to much angle as seen with the competitors arms. This is a very complex process, but ensures that the outer uni-ball is on a better plain with the factory upright.  This results in less bearing wear, and less stress on the overall package, but in our view is worth the extra effort. 

Other key features of these arms are they are fully adjustable for both camber and caster on the truck with a Dual Inner Pivot Adjustment System.  Gone are the days of pulling of the arms to adjust your alignment.  These arms allow you to lock in your lower pivots, install the arms and get you an alignment that is right on par with any race-truck out there.  The Billet UCA is hard anodized for greater strength, only uses grade 8 hardware and still features the same 3/4inch 12-point nickel plated center bolt.  What does this mean for you?  Simple.  More strength than any other arm on the market.  


What you get


  • Machine Curved For Proper Cup Angle
  • Billet Aluminum Outer Bearing Weather Cap
  • DIPAS (Dual Inner Pivot Adjustment System)
  • 1.5inch FK Bearings Uni-Ball
  • 7/8th FK Bearings Rod-Ends
  • Hard Anodized For Greater Strength
  • Grade 8 Hardware vs. Prone To Fail Machined Center Pins.
  • Crafted In The USA


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