Gen 2 Ford Raptor/F150 Front Alcon Big Brake Kit

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  • Better Braking/ Pedal Feel Over Stock
  • 10% Better Thermal Disk Temps Vs. Stock
  • Less Brake Fade Under High Performance Driving
  • Longer Intervals Between Pad Changes with 33% Reduction in Pad Work
  • Solid Iron Calipers with 6 Piston Front and 4 Piston Rear For More Clamping Force



SVCOFFROAD'S been running Alcon Big Brake Kits on the majority of our largest builds with great success.  The braking power is phenomenal with virtually no fade even over the harshest of desert environments.  The brakes continue to bite and give the driver much better pedal feel through the entire travel of the brake pedal.  If you're looking to dress up your Raptor, stop faster, and increase the overall performance of your truck, Alcons are the right choice for you...