BFGoodrich Baja T/A

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The Baja T/A is BFGoodrich’s race-spec Off-Road Maximum Traction tire that has been chosen by more Baja 1000 champions than all other tires combined. Built to prevail over some of the toughest conditions on Earth, Baja T/A tires are designed to provide confidence-inspiring durability and excellent soft surface traction in off-road conditions.

Baja T/A tires mold BFGoodrich’s X-tra traction tread compound into an aggressive, deep-lug, self-cleaning symmetric tread design featuring tread block edges and brawny, solid sidewall lugs to deliver great side bite and lateral traction in off-road situations.

The tire’s internal structure combines two full-width steel belts on top of four nylon sidewall plies to deliver exceptional strength, bruise resistance, sidewall puncture resistance and structural integrity.

While Off-Road Maximum Traction tires are branded with the M+S symbol and able to churn through deep snow, their typical oversize applications and the absence of snow-biting sipes in their large smooth lugs can challenge their on-road wintertime traction on packed snow and icy surfaces.