Vision X 4.5" LED Light Cannon - SVC Offroad
Vision X 4.5" LED Light Cannon - SVC Offroad

Vision X 4.5" LED Light Cannon

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  • LED Light Cannon
  • 25 Watt Single Source Luminus LED
  • Up To 1,000 Feet Of Usable Light
  • Color & Beam Changing Covers
  • 2,500 Raw Lumens Each
  • Two Light Kits Available

Small Doesn’t Mean Short
The Vision X 4.5″ CANNON CTL-CPZ110 packs a big punch compared to other lights in its class. Capable of shining up to 1,000 feet from a single LED, it features one 25-Watt LED, a spot beam pattern that offers you a focused amount of light with great distance, IRIS Reflector Technology, and black hybrid aluminum polycarbonate housing. The CTL-CPZ110 comes standard with an extended warranty, harness and multi-volt 9-32V DC input.

Two Light Kit
LED Light Cannons can be purchased as a 2-Light kit that also includes a wiring harness and installation instructions that will help you get your Cannons up and running.

Snap On Covers
LED Light Cannons are capable of being 20 lights in 1 with Snap-On Polycarbonate Covers. Quickly go from Spot to Euro, to Flood or Wide Flood, or even Elliptical beam patterns. Each beam pattern is available in Red, Blue, Amber, or Clear and a Black Out “Vision X” logo cover is also available for additional protection